8 Best Curling Irons For Beach Waves And Reviews 2023

Beach waves is a feminine hair trend that is definitely not out of trend, and the right equipment can assist you in achieving the desired effect the fastest, so here's our list of the 8 best curling iron for beach waves that you deserve to read through! Whether it's a wedding, a business meeting, or just hanging out with your boyfriend on the beach, these beach waves are perfect for all occasions.

As a professional hairstylist, I am always looking for the best tool for beach waves to create a look for my clients with different face shapes. With the booming beauty and fashion industry beach waves are one of the most popular hairstyles for people with medium to long hair. Not only do they flatter different face shapes, but they can be worn with the right outfit to match your look, so it's important to get the right beach wave iron. Here are 8 curling iron for beach waves pros and cons you must know.

Best curling wand for beach waves include: sponge curling iron, electric curling iron, wave curling iron, baking tube curling iron and many other types. Sponge curling irons create soft curls, electric curlers create more intense curls, best beach wave curlers create softer romantic curls, baked tube curlers create more defined curls, and clip curlers The curling iron can create more natural curls, and the double twist curling iron can create more layered curls.

1. BIO IONIC Long Barrel Styler

beach wave iron

Long Barrel Styler is 2 inches longer than your average curling iron, which is one of the main reasons to rate it as the best beach wave iron. Most curling irons are suitable for medium-length hair, and our testers with long, thick hair said that regular curling irons don't have enough room to operate, making them trickier and more difficult. So whether you have short hair or thick long hair, Long Barrel Styler's lengthened designs offer more styling options.

Bio Ionic for $140 at Amazon has the unique benefits of Nanonioc MX and Moisturizing Heat to lock in moisture in addition to the  length. This combination shapes and nourishes the strands, seals the cuticle to prevent damage, and helps to lengthen curls and give your beach waver a bouncier, more natural look.

It takes three minutes to heat up this beach waver tool, and if you forget to turn off the styling tool after use or after an hour of inactivity, it will automatically turn off, so you can avoid any burns at home. The cool fingertip touch of the shell prevents you from getting burned while styling. The digital temperature is controllable, and you can see the current temperature on the LCD display, eliminating the need to touch and guess whether you have reached the temperature you want.

Our fine-haired testers reported a downside to the beach waves hair tool that the tension on the curler clips wasn't too tight, and while it produced immediate curls, the curls didn't stay on for too long. For longer, thicker hair types, stock up on styling products to prolong the life of your curls.

Our Rating

Ease of use 4.2 /5        Styling capacity 3.3 /5            Clamping tension 4.7/5  Curl retention 4.7/5

2.Hot Tools Gold Curling Iron

best iron for beach waves

Hot Tools Gold Curling Iron for only $27.99 at Amazon Featuring cutting-edge technology, shimmering 24 karat gold all over the body is the best loose beach waves with curling iron. Our testers say the Hot Tools Professional Gold is the easiest curling iron because it doesn't automatically shut off, the digital temperature display, and other high-tech design features are so simple. This beach wave iron will work well on thin hair, making it easier to create tight, defined curls. The best choice for beginners with curly hair, simple design, easier to operate.

Hot Tools has a unique shape, and the golden barrels generate and conduct heat evenly and efficiently for long-lasting curls. Hot Tools' pulsing technology prevents a momentary drop in temperature, the sensor moves and instantly restores heat to ensure ideal temperatures throughout the styling process. Its 24K gold barrel with Pulse technology evenly distributes heat for tousled curls. Working at 85 W, the extra long cool tip can easily curl long hair. Suitable for all hair types and textures, even thick and irregular hair.

Hot Tools curling iron has 10 heating temperature settings to suit all hair types and textures. The maximum temperature can reach 450°F, so don't worry about thick hair not being able to do curls, and curls that don't last long. But the Hot Tool curler heats up a bit slower than other styling tools. The ideal temperature is reached within 3-5 minutes, and the temperature scale shows that the disc is relatively small, making it difficult to see the temperature when curling hair.

Our Rating
Ease of Use 4.6 /5        Styling Capacity 4.5 /5          Clamping Tension 4.1 /5 Curl Hold 5 /5

3. BaByliss Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

beachwaver curling iron

BaByliss Nano Curling Iron is suitable for styling most hair and will create the look you want with every use. This beach wave wand, $44 at Amazon, is my favorite curling iron with the following features: Titanium heat conduction, ceramic coating for even heat distribution.

BaByliss Nano Titanium Spring Curler has cool features and the perfect size for loose curls and is recommended as the best iron for beach waves. High heat is a key factor in long lasting curls, BaByliss Nano 1.25" Sol-Gel Nano Titanium Barrel conducts and retains heat for longer beach curls, the curling iron barrel is ceramic coated so it can be applied evenly with 50 heat settings up to 450°F. Its ultra-high far-infrared heat button penetrates the hair shaft for zero damage and frizz.

BaByliss Nano is ideal for those with thick, naturally curly hair that are difficult to manage. Titanium is the highest quality material in curling irons. "Titanium irons feature a fast heating rate that helps retain moisture and prevent hair from drying out or becoming brittle. If you have very fine hair, or are prone to heat damage, use an anti-drying iron. Treat with a thermal serum to keep hair shiny even with hot tools. This beachwaver curling iron takes just a little over two minutes to heat up and is very easy to use and operate, with flexible application techniques to create different curls for you .

Our Rating

Ease of Use 4.2 /5           Styling Capacity 3.8 /5              Clamping Tension 4 /5 Curl Hold 3.8 /5

4.Beachwaver Tiktok

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automatic hair curler

5.Beachwaver PRO 1.25 Dual Voltage

beachwaver curling iron

The Beachwaver PRO, priced at $169 on Amazon, is already out of stock, but our testers still tested it accordingly. The automatic curling function of this hair beach waver tool is unique. It can automatically curl to the right. Rotated to the left, the 6.5-inch protective ceramic rod and tourmaline barrel provide even heat. Equipped with variable temperature settings from 310º F to 450º F, with a 30-minute auto-off switch and an LED digital display temperature screen, you'll have curls in an instant.

But our testers for fine hair do not recommend this beach wave curler, they found that for thinner hair, it is easier to tangle during the curling process, and it is difficult to ensure the smoothness of the hair, and if the hair is too thick, the clip cannot fully clamp it , it is a waste of time, so they think this is not the best choice, but everyone can judge according to their own needs.

6.Bestope Beachy Waves Curling Wand

curling iron for beach waves

If you haven't quite mastered the art of beach waves yet, let this best beach wave hair curler on Amazon for $31 come to your rescue. The perfect barrel size of 1.25" is the ideal size for curly curls. The iron is coated with ceramic and tourmaline, which heats the hair evenly without drying it out and damaging it. Comes with 4 temperature levels, the lowest setting (320°F-355°F) is recommended for thinning or dyed hair. A medium setting (355°F-395°F) is recommended for normal hair. For thick hair, the maximum setting (430°F) is recommended. Can be heated to 430°F in less than a minute. The long barrel is equipped with a clip setting, which can easily fix the hair without worrying about burning your fingers or facial skin.

BESTOPE curling iron delivers natural curls and soft beachy waves, and the brand advertises that the upgraded version is suitable for all hair styles, but according to our testing it's more suitable for users with medium to long hair. Equipped with an ergonomically designed non-slip handle, the 60-minute automatic shut-off function is more secure. But the power button is on the handle, so you can accidentally turn the power off when curling.

7. Bed Head Makin Waves Curler

best curling iron for beach waves

This beach wave iron for $24.99 on Amazon features tourmaline and ceramic to minimize damage to strands, dispersing heat evenly through your hair, and helping you get bling bling beach waves in no time. This beach wave curler from Bed Head is very highly ranked, using tourmaline and ceramic technology to easily create a brighter-than-sun beach wave hairstyle. The only downside is that the handle is relatively short, and if you use it for a long time, your arm will be tiring.

A 6-foot-long tangle-free cord lets you move the curling iron around freely during styling. With 30 heat settings, up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you don't have to worry about curls even with thick hair. You can also use this curling iron on the lowest setting if you have fine or thin hair. Dual voltage roll settings allow you to style anytime, anywhere.

8.T3 SinglePass Curl 1.25" Ceramic Curling Iron

beach waver

Although the T3 SinglePass is priced at $170, this beach wave curler is a bit more expensive than other styles, but the features are not much different. The 1.25-inch ceramic roller is a huge advantage for hair types that reduce frizz and heat damage. It's fairly smooth throughout the styling process, with 0 damage to the hair, the handle features a modern design for ease of use, free settings from 260 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit and an automatic one-hour power-off function,but testers say this curling iron isn't for anyone looking for a tighter curl.

Material selection for beach wave curlers

Titanium and ceramic/tourmaline curling iron for beach waves are two of the best curling irons on the market right now. Titanium heats up very quickly, not only to withstand high temperatures, but also to generate negative ions that fight against positive ions to smooth the hair cuticle. Ceramic/tourmaline beachwaver curling iron, distributes heat evenly and reduces heat damage to hair.

beach waves hair tool

If you want more curly hair, it is best to choose ceramic curling irons, and titanium curling irons are more suitable for coarse, thick or curly hair. According to Courtney, the ceramic barrel takes longer to heat up and heats the hair from the inside, so it's a bit friendlier to thinning or damaged hair. Best curler for wavy curls material, titanium and ceramic curlers are currently good curling irons for beachy waves. Titanium heats up quickly and can withstand a higher temperature. During the perm process, negative ions that fight against positive ions are also produced, so the cuticle of the hair will be smoother. The heat distribution in the ceramic curling iron is more uniform, Reduces heat damage to hair.

What size curler is best for beach waves?

Generally 1 to 2 inch barrel curlers are best for beach waves, but 1 inch curlers are the best size for beach waves for those with short to medium lengths, which size is best depends on the length of your hair and the style of curls you want. For looser beach waves, choose a larger winder. For tighter curls a smaller barrel size should be chosen.

Temperature requirements for beach waves

To avoid causing damage to your hair, you should choose a curling iron with a settable temperature. A specific temperature will help you achieve better styling results without damaging your hair. In general, if your hair is very fine or frequently colored, you should keep the temperature below 300 degrees. Although normal hair can withstand more heat, it is best to keep it in the 350-400 degree heat range, and 410-430 degrees for thicker, more dense hair. 

Most easiest beach wave curlers have heat settings that go as high as 410°F, which is ideal for fine hair. But choosing a curling iron with adjustable temperature would be a wise choice.

Best beach wave iron barrel sizes vary by brand, a 1.5 inch curler for loose beach waves is the perfect size

The best curling iron to make beach waves has a tapered barrel that is thick at the bottom and tapers at the top. Barrels of this shape create not only beachy waves but also tight, big curls.

Double or triple barrel curling iron, best cheap curling wand for beach waves with 2 or 3 barrels on 1 handle, will significantly reduce curling time.

How to use best curling wand for beach waves at australia

Step 1: Make sure hair is completely dry, do not try to curl wet or greasy hair.

Step 2: Apply a heat protection serum or spray to prevent hair damage.

Step 3: Take a small section of hair, wrap it around the roller of the curling iron, loosen it after 10-15 seconds, fixing it for too long may burn the hair.

Step 4: Gently detangle curls with fingers, set curls in place with styling spray, be careful not to touch hair too often if you want curls to last longer

What  is better a curler or a waver

It depends on the look you are trying to achieve. If you want more natural looking waves, a curler is better. If you want more defined, dramatic waves, a waver is better.

A curling iron for beach waves is an electrical appliance that uses heat to curl hair and is a very popular hair styling tool. Its appearance allows people to get rid of the traditional perm method and create a brand new shape at home.

The advantages of best curler for beach waves not only save time, it only takes a few minutes to complete the curls. And using best curler for waves can be done at home without spending a lot of money to go to a hair salon, which is a great convenience for those who travel frequently. Secondly, best hair wand for waves provides different temperature options, which can be adjusted according to the characteristics of your own hair to reduce the risk of hair damage.

The application of best curling iron for waves is also very wide. It can create a variety of different hairstyles, such as wavy curls, straight curls, hot curls, etc., which can be selected according to personal facial features. In addition, best curling wand for waves can also be used to increase the thickness and density of hair, making hair look richer and more layered.

The use of best hair curler for beach waves is also very simple, just follow the correct steps, put the hair into the beach curler, and press the switch to complete the curling. In a word, hair curler for beach waves can provide people with a more time-saving and simpler way of hair styling, allowing people to freely style their hair, making people's hair look more fashionable and layered.

Beach wave hairstyles call for a soft best beach waver on wet hair to create natural and effortless waves. For best results, hair should be evenly divided into small sections and curled slowly from the root up, one section at a time, until the entire length of hair is curled. While curling, place the longer end of the beach wave curling iron at the roots of your hair and slowly roll your hair up until you reach your desired wave height. After the whole hair is curled, you can use a hair dryer to flatten the waves of the hair, making the waves more natural and looking more beautiful. Finally, styling products can be used to shape the waves of the hair, making the effect more stable and long-lasting.

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