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In real life, many people suffer from "scalp problems", such as extremely dry scalp, odor, hair loss, gray hair, itchy head and other problems, these "little things" in the eyes of everyone, often ignored. However, if not taken care of in time, it will become a major problem that affects the appearance.

scalp care

what are scalp care

The main elements of scalp care include.

Scalp also needs to be clean: although the concept of separate washing and care has been accepted, it is not enough, because whether it is a conditioner or hair mask is best not to touch the scalp, should choose a scalp-specific cleaning products. Just as you need to "remove makeup" before skincare, hair care should also start by fully removing hair gel, scalp dirt and sebum to create a new habit of providing a clean environment for hair growth.

The use of scalp shampoo is slightly different from ordinary shampoo, after wetting the hair with warm water, apply the shampoo directly to the scalp, massage the scalp gently with your fingers for 3~5 minutes, then add water to emulsify and knead out the foam.

Scalp also need to do hair mask: if there are conditions, please remember to scalp also do hair mask, scalp-specific hair mask generally has a soothing effect, as to the head skin to do SPA.

However, only professional scalp hair masks can be used directly on the scalp, and those sold in supermarkets are used on the hair strands and not on the scalp.

Scalp should also be exfoliated: did you know?

The scalp needs to be exfoliated too! Regular exfoliation ensures clean scalp pores, inhibits oil production and reduces hair loss problems. But be sure to remember, to exfoliate the scalp is in the wash currently professional hair salon can provide scalp exfoliation treatment, professional exfoliation products and then with the hairdresser's professional techniques and instruments to remove scalp keratin; their own home can also remove scalp keratin through hairdressing brands of specialized exfoliation products, such as L'Oreal professional oil control essence with scrubbing ingredients, the use of such scalp exfoliation products, to divide the scalp When using this type of scalp exfoliation product, you have to divide the scalp, then apply the product and massage it, once a week, to accelerate the scalp metabolism and better provide nutrition for the hair.

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How to take care scalp、How do i take care of my scalp?

To make your hair healthy, internal care is the most fundamental. Getting up early, going to bed early, eating regularly, having good habits and being in a happy mood will reduce hair loss and keep your hair healthy and strong. A good diet will ensure adequate nutrition for your hair. The trick to a good hair diet is to pay attention to providing enough protein, as protein is the main component of hair. Foods such as eggs, meat, beans and milk are rich in protein. Iodine adds shine to the hair, so eating more sea plants such as seaweed and nori can add shine to the hair and make it appear healthy. Hair is lifeless except for the hair follicles, and the hair that has grown is difficult to recover once it has been damaged. Therefore, external care of hair is very important.

Straightening and perming can damage your hair and make the surface of your hair broken and frizzy. You can take care of your hair and scalp. Eating foods rich in vitamin B and C can activate the microvascular walls, so that the hair can smoothly absorb nutrients from the blood, while vitamin B has the effect of promoting hair growth and making the hair appear naturally shiny. You can also find specialized stores that use care-related products. You can also do scalp hair care regularly if you are financially able.

How important is scalp care

"Fertile land produces quality fruits, similarly, a healthy scalp can grow complete and beautiful hair. Whenever there is a problem with our hair, we always wrongly attribute the problem to the hair quality and immediately repair it with a high nutrition hair mask, but have you ever thought that this is most probably not true.

The scalp is the second thinnest skin on the body, it ages 6 times faster than the face and 12 times faster than the body skin, the scalp secretes 2 times more oil than the face skin, it is different from the general skin cell metabolic cycle of 28 days, the scalp cell metabolic cycle is only 14-21 days, the importance of a scalp care is better than 6 times the face mask.

Is scalp care really that important? It's really, really important.

Scalp protection is mainly through shampoo, conditioner and hair care essence to thoroughly cleanse the scalp, so that the scalp surface becomes soft, promote hair growth and improve blood circulation. Because the scalp is hidden under the hair, it is invisible and often neglected, but it is not expected that long term inattentive cleaning will cause dirt to accumulate and the pores of the scalp to be blocked, and the hair will naturally grow unhealthy. And the scalp is often more vigorous than the face release of oil, so the oil will block the pores, this time, even if you add effective nutrition to the hair, the hair is unable to absorb, but people remaining in the scalp appearance, dandruff, head itch, hair loss and other troubles. This old is what we say "indicators to cure the root, the scalp is the soil for the growth of healthy hair." Scalp aging will also cause the slackening of the face, the scalp affects the two key factors of moving people: the face and hair, so scalp protection appears to be very serious.

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Why scalp care is important

Let's start with the need for scalp care. Many of us are worried about our severe hair loss problem, but are at a loss to improve it. Is it possible to see results by using an anti-hair loss shampoo?

The question is actually quite simple: to solve hair loss, you must focus on the health of the scalp, not just the hair. Then again, oily hair people with severe oiliness and women who frequently color and style their hair, scalp health deserves to be looked at.

There are three main indicators of a healthy scalp: oil, flora and metabolic balance. For example, when the scalp flora environment is out of balance, there will be itchy dandruff; when the scalp oil production is out of balance, the scalp will become abnormally oily.

Therefore, whether it is oil, itchy head or hair loss, when these problems occur, you should first think that there is something wrong with the health of your scalp, rather than just focusing your care on the hair.

How to scalp care tips

Do not use excessively hot water to wash your hair.

Because too high a water temperature will harm the hair follicles and hurt the skin, washing your hair with warm water is the best care for your scalp.

Shampoo rubbing foam before using on the hair.

Shampoo should first be kneaded in the palm of your hand to produce a dense and rich foam, and then put on your head play, in order to better dissolve the dirt. Squeeze in the hair and then knead, first of all, the root of the scalp is easy to residue, and secondly, there is a lot of damage to the scalp.

Gently massage with the fingertips.

Many people want to wash their hair clean, will use their nails to scratch their scalp when washing their hair, so that the impurities on the scalp can be quickly stripped away, to play a role in cleaning the scalp. But the scalp is very thin, and the nails are very sharp, once scratching the scalp, easy to induce infection. When wiping shampoo to use the fingertips to gently push, massage the scalp, both to remove dirt and blood.

Do not wet hair combing.

Just after washing the hair, the hair scales are still in an open state, if you use a comb to comb your hair frequently, it will damage the scales, but also easy to tear down the hair, damage the scalp.

how to care scalp in winter

Scalp treatments to grow hair

The reason: scalp oil and dandruff and your habits are closely related, too much sebum secretion caused by stress, too greasy diet, disorderly work and rest are the key to endocrine imbalance is the condition of frequent occurrence.

The reason: the increase in age our hair will also grow older, this time the scalp hair supply is not enough, the hair quality will be aging and become more fragile and obscure.

Frequent hair loss] reasons: hair loss for a variety of reasons, in short, women because of excessive stress, postpartum factors, dyeing and perm hair loss will lead to hair loss; and men's genetics, seborrhea and menopause reasons will also make hair loss.

The reason for this is that the scalp can become sensitive and swollen because of the severe pollution, excessive stress and UV damage.

Scalp care in home

A very good diet can give the hair some nutrition usually eat to provide enough protein, which is the main component of the hair, eggs, meat, beans, milk and other foods rich in protein, iodine can increase the luster of the hair, so eating more seaweed, nori and other marine plants can increase the brightness of the hair and make the hair look healthy, straight, permed and dyed hair is harmful to the hair and can make shatter the surface of your hair, pay attention to the care and maintenance of your hair and scalp.

Scalp care for natural hair

1、Grapefruit kernel for hair fall: If you have yellow hair and baldness, use 25 grams of grapefruit kernel, soak it in boiling water for 24 hours, and then apply it 2-3 times a day to accelerate hair growth.

2、Ginger for hair fall: Cut ginger into slices and wipe it repeatedly in the bald spot, insist on 2-3 times a day, it can stimulate hair growth.

3、honey egg oil to make thin hair thicker: If your hair becomes thin, use 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 raw egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil or castor oil, stir it together with two teaspoons of shampoo and an appropriate amount of onion juice, apply it to your scalp, wear a plastic film cap, and constantly warm the top of the cap with a warm towel. After an hour or two, then wash your hair with shampoo. Adhere to a period of time, the thinning hair will improve.

Scalp treatments for build up

1, vinegar egg: when washing hair, add a small amount of egg white to shampoo to wash hair and massage the scalp more gently, it will have a hair care effect. At the same time, after washing your hair with the shampoo that adds egg white, mix the egg yolk and a small amount of vinegar, apply it slowly along the hair, wrap it with a towel for 1 hour and then wash it with water, for dry and hard hair, with the effect of making it black and shiny.

2, beer: beer applied to the hair, not only can protect the hair, but also can promote the growth of hair. In the use, first wash the hair, dry, and then the whole bottle of beer 1/8, evenly applied to the hair, and then do some hand massage to make the beer penetrate the root of the hair. 5 minutes later, wash the hair with water, and then comb the hair with a wooden comb or horn comb, the effective nutrients in the beer to prevent dry hair from falling off has a very good therapeutic effect, but also can make the hair shiny.

3, hair oil: after the hair is washed, the usual hair oil applied 1/3 added to water, the hair will be complete

4, tea: after washing hair with shampoo and then rinse with tea, can remove excess dirt and grease, make the hair black and soft, shiny and bright.

scalp treatments

How to care scalp in winter

Winter is dry, the human body is particularly prone to moisture loss, hair is also prone to dry and frizzy. But winter hair washing, the most trouble is that the hair is not easy to dry, and cold and wet so that people are particularly uncomfortable, so many people will choose to use the hair dryer after washing their hair, but the improper use of the way will make the hair more fragile, but aggravate the problem of dry, rough hair.

The harm of hair dryer blowing hair is obvious, many people are accustomed to use the hair dryer to dry their heads after washing their hair at home, but if used improperly will blow the moisture out of the hair. If the moisture contained in the hair is reduced to less than 10%, the hair will become rough and split ends, and the consequences of frequent use of hair dryer hair will be so

It is ideal to dry your hair naturally after shampooing. You can also use a towel to dry hair to 7, 8 minutes dry, with a hair dryer to 20-25 cm distance blowing hair, not concentrated on a point on the blow, should pay special attention to not let the hair to withstand more than 80 degrees Celsius does not flow hot temperature.



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