How To Stop Hair Fall

Hi ,i'm Zoe shetty and today we shall talk about hair,hair fall predominantly, but we'll talk about hair thinning ,hair breakage all of it we'll also talk about solutions for hair fall.

solutions for hair fall

So you do hear a lot of terms right hair fall hair thinning hair breakage,what's the difference ?hair fall is when you have hair shedding ,right from the root of your hair ,so it could be fall if it is just a few strands which is falling ,it could be shedding of hair, if there's a lot of hair strands falling away,it could be hair thinning while the volume of your hair itself thins down,each strand from a nice thick robust strand ,it end up becoming a very thin, fine hair strand which doesn't feel as healthy and as robust at just as it felt before.

Now hair breakage could be when it simply breaks or cuts from anywhere,from from there from there from there anyway, so that is hair breakage.

So causes of hair fall could be many but if i just want to bunch them up ,we could bunch them up as hormonal ,say for example could be thyroid hormone ,could be your male hormone,could be prolactin, could be estrogen .any of these hormones can cause increase in hair fall .so that's something that your doctor will diagnose for you, right?then it could be nutritional causes,simple iron deficiency anemia can cause hair loss.

Zinc deficiency, calcium deficiency,vitamin d deficiency all of this can cause hair loss as well. so that is your nutritional group a bunch of hair loss. and then you have simply lifestyle related. you end up bugging your hair,you might end up having hair loss. You use a really tight hair clip on and off ,that might lead to hair loss. at your salon maybe if you're repeating certain procedures too often then what is recommended that can lead to hair simply not keeping your scalp and your hair clean can also cause a certain amount of hair loss.

You're not sleeping well right,you're getting stressed ,you're getting overworked ,any internal disease can also cause hair loss. so there are then special conditions, like for example pregnancy .it is hormone changes, it is a stressful condition, nutritionally your body is in much more demand,so all of this can be contributors towards pregnancy-related hair fall. and then you of course have as a woman especially a lot of times when our hormonal change goes,you go through hormonal changes,It could be when you hit your menarche, could be when you hit your menopause, could be when there is ,like i said pregnancy or if you're on an oral contraceptive or you take anemergency pill,you have a miscarriage. any of this causes not just stress but a lot of hormonal changes along the way that can all show tell tale signs on your hair and your hair health. can cause hair loss all along so that's something.

how to stop hair fall and grow new hair

Simply aging for men and women causes hair fall. isn't it ?and hair thinning and fat turned hair loss ,all of this can happen simply because one is aging.

Make sure you have a whole plated meal which means to say don't skip one food substance from your meal. it could be your protein ,your fats, your carbohydrates ,you need it all .so you could make sure you have a healthy meal in a day.

A good lifestyle which means go to bed on time. wake up on times .so that the surrcaded  rhythm is not altered and therefore your hormone secretion will still follow a pattern.and will remain healthy. if you do have a jet setting lifestyle, you don't have time to really eat a wholesome meal make sure, you ask your doctor for a set of supplements that really really help you in the long run.

Hair hygiene habits ,something that you really need to look after.however busy don't forget to wash your hair, wash your scalp regularly, make sure you even have a routine for your hair like the way you would have, for your skin. so get your products right depending on your hair type scalp these are very important things that you can monitor. give some attention and put things together for yourself .if you do have those initial signs of maybe acne with hair fall .pigmentation with hair fall your gut disturbance with hair fall reach out to the doctor quickly before it kind of becomes to a point where it is now much more difficult and needs a lot more things to do to recover.

stop hair fall out

So these are things you can do on your own, firstly your doctor is going to diagnose why you're having hair fall and she would give you a medical treatment which may be certain applications ,which may be certain things for you to eat depending on how either deficient or how things have gone wrong. It could be for a period of three months to almost a year. you could choose especially for hair fall and hair thinning things from something which stimulates it right .

So it could be PRP which is very famous i'm sure all of you know it's nothing but platelet-rich takes the blood from you .we centrifuge it ,we activate the growth factors in the platelet and inject it, back into the scalp where you need it. It could be something called as mesotherapy which means your doctor will put together a few medicines ,few vitamins ,few amino acids and growth factors into a concoction which is then injected underneath your skin to a layer called misoderm therefore the name mesotherapy. there's something called as progenitor also which we do where in we now take up the dermal tissue and the adipose tissue.and then extract growth factors from there and then inject into you.

how to stop hair fall immediately

These are by enlarged injectable treatments that can be done for the hair.then there are treatments like laser hair helmets, lasers for the hair itself. so these kind of stimulate the hair growth in various ways, you could also end up doing more milder simpler things, like hair oxygen which is very popular in my clinic where we end up using high pressure pure oxygen to get certain ingredients which are good for your hair growth on your scalp, so that really works.

I have seen a lot of people end up using derma roller on their own at home. do not end up like harsh chumpy kind of massage .that's a no no, you're going to traumatize the hair follicle even further. don't do that ,and when you end up washing your hair multiple uses of shampoo because you're thinking your scalp is dirty, no that's going to extra dry the hair ,make it even more brittle and then cause more breakage. so don't do that .

And i've seen a lot of people ,when they wash after they have washed it, the way they dry the hair,they take the towel and just uhh to the hair. don't do that, that's going to ruffle up the hair follicles even more causing more breakage to the hair.

When it comes to supplements it ,could be anything from a course of multivitamin to antioxidants to cut the oxidative damage to the hair follicle and the inflammatory to cut the inflammation along the hair follicle.

Could be multivitamins could be simply an iron supplement because that is what you're deficient in,it could be any of these.the other thing that also happens to hair is hair breakage ,isn't that is more to do with head texture than the hair root itself .so this is to do with more of the hydration that your hair has. the cuticle how healthy and how well wrapped they are on the hair itself, how your hair styling habits are like too much blow drying too much ironing the hair .can completely dry the hair and disrupt the cuticles and then cause hair breakage .it could be certain nutrition like protein essential fatty acids if these are less can also cause damage to the hair follicle .simply curly hair can be a more frizzy and a brittle hair.

how to stop hair fall

So what you need to keep the texture really good and smooth is certain essential, fatty acids oils,from the top,hydrating treatments and liquids from the top. and i hope you loved this article,and i hope it was of some use to you,if you did like it please share and leave your comments below .

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