How To Use Heatless Curlers For Long Thick Hair 2023

Many girls have curly hair complex, beautiful curly hair has become the pursuit of many women who love beauty, for the love of beauty MM, curlers for long hair has become an important home appliance products can do it yourself to create a hundred different shapes. No need to go to the hair salon can make their own beautiful curls, follow me below to see the curlers for long hair use it.

big curlers for long hair

How to pick a qualified curling iron.

1, Must pick the official manufacturer and registered trademark products. The product that does not have a clear indication of the manufacturer's address and certification mark and trademark on the box, it is recommended not to buy, that belongs to the three no products, quality is not guaranteed.

2, Look carefully at the technical specifications in the manual part, the formal manufacturers will generally write the heating material used, if not specify the heating material, they can not determine what the heating body, it is best to buy ceramic heating. Its characteristics are uniform heat, safety, and a certain amount of infrared, beneficial to the human body and hair.

3, Hot rollers for long hair surface is generally sprayed ceramic glaze, the quality of the ceramic glaze determines the effect of hair curling and the length of life of the surface. A good ceramic has a very smooth surface, no astringent feeling. There is a surface is electroplated, adhesion is not as good as the spray ceramic glaze, is not recommended.

Shampoo. Pour an appropriate amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand, rub it out with your hands, and evenly coated in hair; gently massage the hair and scalp, do not force too hard, or pull the hair to the scalp, otherwise it is easy to knot; massage the scalp with your fingertips, which can stimulate blood circulation, so that the surface of the hair is more soft; rinse the hair thoroughly, rinse inadequate will lead to dull hair, no luster, and finally rinse with cold water, so that the hair is more beautiful Blow dry to get a better and beautiful curly hair effect, must do a good job before the preparation of curly hair. Blow dry your hair properly with a hair dryer to ensure a professional smooth effect.

curlers for long hair

 After washing your hair, squeeze the excess water out of your hair with your hands, then towel dry your hair and use a comb to gently comb your hair from the roots to the ends; use a clip to divide your hair into several piles starting from the back of your head, never have wet and sticky hair; for each pile of hair, use a curling brush to pull your hair downwards, while blow drying your hair with a hairdryer right after the brush, let the nozzle of the hairdryer be aimed at the ends of your hair; blow dry each pile after drying each pile of hair, adjust the hairdryer to the cold air setting for a final cold blow, which tightens the hair epidermis and makes the hair more shiny; when curling, messy curly hair and wet hair do not contribute to the best curls, only straighten the hair in accordance with the above method, in order to make more beautiful curls.

The power plug into the power outlet (please again ensure that your outlet power and instructions marked above the power supply AC100 ~ 240V is matched); click the three tube clip wave type curlers inside the round [button POWER] a little, three tube clip wave type curlers inside 120 degrees LED display lights, and in 20 seconds quickly warm up to the default set temperature, at this time three tube clip wave type Curling iron work began, the safety 20 minutes countdown also started; Please do not leave the product after the power is connected, and can not let it be placed on the surface of the object not insulated according to the different hair quality of each person, in accordance with the above instructions for the preparation of use, you can now start curling operation.

hair rollers for long hair

1, comb the hair to make it smooth and tangle-free, use the comb to divide the hair into many piles, a pile of hair can not be too much, it is best to pull up the top of the head of hair in order to curl the inner hair below first, and then gradually curl the hair to the top of the head of hair.

2, pick up the width of not more than 5 cm of a pile of hair, it will be clamped in the middle of the three-headed clipboard and press the product handle, the number of a pile of hair according to your hair quality varies from person to person, too much is difficult to make a good curl beauty;

3, hair in hot rollers for long hair within seconds from the need to curl the place clamp, pause no more than 3 seconds, Relax the handle, move the three-tube splint to the uncurled place, and then clamped but 3 seconds, stay too long may damage the hair

4, after each pile of hair curl, about 20 seconds and then repeat, until the ideal curly hairstyle; END Note After curling the hair may become particularly hot, please let the hair slowly cool down, before the hair is not completely cooled down, please do not comb, otherwise it will destroy the just shaped hair. In the hot rollers for long hair, there is a built-in ion generator, can play a role in reducing static electricity and messy hair function, when the power is turned on the ion generator is also synchronized to start, the ion generator generated ions, enveloping your hair, so that your hair get all-round care, so that the hair always keep beautiful and shiny.

hot rollers for long hair

How to use long barrel curling iron 

Method/Step: Use a large board comb to straighten your hair and pull out a long strand of hair from the front. (You can also start curling the back to your liking by gently clamping the long barrel curling iron to the hair at a 1/4 angle, then curling the hair and pulling the long barrel curling iron to the end. It is important to remind MMs that the whole point of using long barrel curling iron is to be gentle. In the process of curling, you need to slowly put down the hair along the curling iron, so that it can be fully heated to achieve a more satisfactory curling effect. Then curl the rest of the hair in the same way. At this point we can use a wide tooth comb to comb through. You may not be satisfied with the curling effect after combing with the long barrel curling iron, so you can curl your hair sharply again.

How to use the ceramic inner hair rollers for long hair tool

1、Gently blow the hair again with the hair dryer Before setting the hair, use the hair dryer again to gently blow the hair from the inside and the outside of the hair respectively to adjust the state of the hair. The alternate use of hot and cold air will make the hair style last longer.

2、Separate the bangs separately with bobby pins. First, separate the bangs that are blocking the forehead with bobby pins. The hair on both sides and the back of the hair is divided into two parts, so it will be easier to use hair rollers for long hair.

The hair rollers for long hair will be much easier to use. 

The hair on the other side is also rolled in the same way. The other side is also rolled in the same way and in the same order. It's best not to look in the mirror when rolling the other side of the hair. If you look at the mirror to roll, it is likely that you will not be able to roll the ideal hair. The result will be better if you roll it according to your own imagination.

TIPS:1, many people in the use of hair rollers for long hair, it is easy to roll too much fire hurt the hair. In order not to damage your hair, make sure you get into the habit of applying a conditioning lotion before using the hair rollers. The conditioner will not only protect your hair from the hot air, but also make your hair style last longer.

2, when using hair rollers for long hair, gently roll the hair bundle slightly to the top and then gently slide the curling iron downwards. The other hand is used to gently support the rolled part, while making hair rollers for long hair slowly slide down. This is a great way to create natural, airy curls.

 If you want to do more, you need to use electric curlers. Here is a brief introduction to the use of electric curling irons. Tools you need to prepare: electric curling iron, moisturizing oil (to prevent dryness), and styling agent.

long barrel curling iron

10, after all the parts are rolled after a period of time will be five parts are rolled up, let it stand for a period of time. If the hair rolled loose than the case, you have to wait for 3-5 minutes; if the looseness is more natural 1-2 minutes on the good. The waiting time can be used effectively, such as painting lip makeup, eye makeup, etc.

11、Remove all curlers and comb the roots Remove all curlers and comb the roots of hair around the face with a thick-toothed comb. Start combing from around the face first so that it is easier to shape.

12、Use your fingers to comb through the curled hair Use your fingers to comb through the hair that has been curled by the electric curling iron. At this point, just comb it at large to not ruin the more set hair style.


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