Best 7 Ways For Family Hair Care And Reviews 2023

 The growth and loss of hair, moistening and withering, are all related to diet. For internal regulation use ingredients like black sesame and he shou wu from the grains, mix them well in proportion and then grind them into powder. Every day at breakfast mixed in milk to eat, if the ingredients are cooked, you can eat directly, but pay attention to the appropriate amount. Meanwhile, for severe gray hair patients, it will make the hair gradually darker if you keep using it.

Hair is the first impression others have of us, and it is also an important reflection of our health. Winter is officially a fragile season for hair, and if you don't pay attention to take care of it, that hair will also hit you back with dandruff, split ends, lots of shedding, and frizz.

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The right way to do family hair care

  Pay a lot of attention to the products you use to shampoo your hair and the right order. In terms of products, make sure you choose products that fight dryness in winter. First, smooth your hair with a comb and then wet your hair, you will find that the ends are already soft and smooth. Then lather your hair with shampoo and wash your scalp twice. Dry your hair with a towel, then apply a layer of moisturizing serum to the ends, massage it in for a while, comb your hair smoothly and then wash it out. Wrap your hair with a towel to absorb some of the water. Blow dry the hair close to the scalp with a blow dryer and let the ends dry naturally.

Proper trimming

  In winter, due to dry weather and weakened metabolism, the hair ends are easily damaged. In this case, trimming the tips every 1~2 months will not only make your hair look better, but also benefit the healthy growth of your hair. Use a wooden comb to comb your hair more often during the day, which can remove dandruff and massage your scalp to promote blood circulation.

Scalp Massage

  There are many acupuncture points on the scalp that are massaged to facilitate hair growth and prevent hair loss and graying. Massage is done by gently rubbing the scalp with your fingers. It is performed in the order of forehead, hairline, sideburns, head and neck, and hairline at the back of the head in the direction of the natural flow of blood from the scalp to the heart. Massage can promote oil secretion, therefore, oily hair massage with lighter force, dry hair can be slightly heavier.

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Lifestyle home hair care methods

1、Pay attention to sun protection

Hair also needs to be protected from the sun. In fact, hair is more than twice as badly damaged by UV rays than the face. UV rays can cause the scales to thin and flake, and intense sun exposure can cause hair to lose moisture and become dry and frizzy. Long-term exposure to UV rays can cause hair splitting and breakage.

2, Do not rub wet hair

Hair roots after hot water soaking and massage, blood circulation to speed up the pores open, hard rubbing is easy to make the hair out of the hair follicle or make the hair is pulled off. Apply a large dry towel to absorb as much moisture as possible on the hair, and then dry naturally.

3, hair blowing attention to the distance

In the use of hair dryer hair to pay attention to the distance between the wind cylinder and the hair, too close will make the scalp injury. And the direction of blowing hair should also blow in the direction of hair growth, when the hair scales are closed state. If you blow upside down, the hair scales will open up, and the more you blow, the frizzier it will be.

4、Shampoo properly with shampoo

When shampooing, wet your hair with water first, then use shampoo. The first time you apply the shampoo to your hair, use your fingertips to rub it like a massage. Especially, the epidermis of the head is easily soiled by sebum and sweat, so you should rub it carefully. The second time with the first shampoo amount of half of the cleaning, wash and rinse with water repeatedly, until the hair completely without shampoo.

5, Correct combing hair attention strength

The correct way to comb together is to first start by combing the loose tips of the hair, using the brush tips lightly against the scalp, slowly in the rotation of the comb together. The force should be even, such as too much force, will stab the scalp. Start by combing backward from the hairline of the forehead, in the opposite direction, and then comb forward from the back along the hairline. Then, from the upper part of the left and right ear respectively to their respective opposite direction for combing, and finally let the hair to the head of the surrounding draped to comb.

6, Diet should also pay attention to

As scalp sensitivity may also be due to excessive vascular nerve sensitivity, so diet should also pay special attention to hot pot, chili, alcoholic beverages, cheese as little as possible, and food temperature should not be too high.

7、Select the right shampoo for your hair every day

Many people have the habit of washing hair every day, then it is recommended to use the effective cleaning, but not to destroy the sebum film of the plant extract series; Angelica extract oil with sterilization, soothing and soft keratin effect, especially suitable for sun damage, perm and dye scalp use.Also recommend an automatic curling iron that is easy to carry, so you can do your own styling anytime and anywhere.

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The 7 Ways to Ultimate family Hair Care

1,Actively fight against diseases of the whole body. Because some diseases that affect health may lead to hair discoloration or loss.

2, to pay attention to the protection of the hair. When wearing a hat, you should pay attention to make your hair soft and smooth before wearing it. When women sleep, they should pay attention to make the hair ornaments removed, so that the hair in a completely relaxed state.

3, reasonable use of shampoo. Hair care products can make the hair elastic and shiny.

4, often comb the hair, massage the scalp. Regular combing hair, massage scalp can soothe the nerves, is a very good way to nourish the body.

5, pay attention to supplement the hair nutrition. Avoid the early birth of Chinese hair can eat coarse grains, soy products, green vegetables.

6, quit bad eating habits. Alcoholism, overeating are not conducive to hair health factors.

7, salt water shampoo hair loss treatment. When shampooing in half a basin of warm water for shampooing add 100-150 grams of salt, first immersed in the hair, and then rubbed for a few minutes, after washing with water and then shampooed twice. Shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week in this way and you will not experience hair loss in the future.

Myths of family hair care

One: Use a comb on wet hair just after washing still tangled hair do not comb, wait for it to dry and then gently comb through with a wide tooth comb. Wet hair is more prone to breakage and damage, so don't rush to comb your hair out before it's half dry.

Two: Wash your hair too often. New York-based stylist Harry Josh advises us, "People with dry hair usually wash their hair with shampoo once every 4-5 days, while oily hair needs to be washed daily." We recommend trying dry shampoo products instead of daily shampoo. If you just have greasy bangs, use a dry shampoo spray on your bangs, or put all your hair in a shower cap and just wash your bangs.

Three: use too much conditioner if shampoo is not used to finish conditioner but used up in advance, it may be that you use too much conditioner each time. The correct usage is the size of a coin each time. The more conditioner you use, the easier it is for your hair to get dusty, which in turn requires more shampoo (leading to a vicious cycle of hair washing). Use conditioner on the ends and middle of your hair to allow your scalp to produce natural oils to keep it healthy, and occasionally brushing your hair with a pig bristle brush can help produce this beneficial oil.

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Four: hair dryer completely blow dry the wet hair completely will bring a lot of damage to the hair, you can use a dry towel to wrap the hair and blow to 80% dry, and then continue to make up or change clothes to wait for the hair to dry naturally, and then use the hair dryer to styling.

Five: hairdressing tools too high temperature at least every three days with a hair dryer to styling, so that the hair can get a full rest. If you use a hair tool, whether it is a hair dryer or a curling iron, it is recommended to adjust to a medium temperature. If your tool has a temperature display, remember not to go higher than 210 degrees. In salons, most perms are above 230 degrees, so you don't need that high of a temperature unless you're straightening. Protect your hair with a thermal product before styling it, and then use the tools on top of each partitioned piece of hair, either pulling or curling it less than 2-3 times. This can effectively reduce hair damage, but also make the style to maintain longer.

Six: Scratching your nails often has dirt and grease in them, so scratching your scalp and hair unconsciously can make them dirty. Remember to wash your hands when finishing your hair, and then remember not to keep putting your hidden hands on your hair.


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