Best Homemade Hair Mask To Repair Damaged Hair Split Ends 2023

Today in this article, I am sharing best and effective hair mask for dry rough frizzy hair,this hair mask makes your hair silky shiny and glossy,this hair mask is organic and 100% natural.There is no chemical.

homemade hair mask for hair growth

This hair mask is very good for dry frizzy hair,this mask provides full nourishment and moisture to your hair,and hydartes your dry scalp.this also removes dandruff and treat itchy scalp,it helps to cure all deficiency and makes your hair healthy.its stimulates hair growth.

Lets start , how to make this hair mask,for this homemade hair mask, you will need ...

take clean bowl、1 egg

remember one thing,if you have oily and greasy hair than use only egg white remove egg yolk,

if you have dry hair than use only egg yolk,use whole egg for normal hair,take egg according to your hair lenght,beat the egg with the help of beater.

Now add 4 tbsp yogurt,yogurt should be thick ,mix it well,after mixing,add 2 tbsp Olive can also use coconut oil or almond add 1 tbsp lemon juice,mix all the ingredients,make a smooth you homemade hair mask is ready.

homemade hair mask

Which makes your hair shiny smooth soft hair,Apply hair mask on your scalp to hair tip massage the mask thoroughly into scalp for 5 min.Allow the mask to sit for at least 15-20 min,cover your hair with shower cap,After 15-20 min, first wash your hair with normal water,than wash your hair with shampoo,if you feel that hair mask not completely remove than do the shampoo again,I have used egg in this hair mask, because egg is a rich source of protein,Only eggs contain quality protein which is chemical free and 100% natural.

Eggs also contains fatty acids which gives natural glossy shine to your hair,and potassium heals your dry damaged hair , makes your hair thick and strong,this hair mask contains vitamon A which prevents split ends and breakage of hair,it alos contains vitamin D which helps to prevent hair fall and hair loss,it also contains vitamin B12 which stimulates hair growth and makes your hair longer,in this mask, yougurt rich in lactic acids and zinc which helps to improve your hair quality and add shine.

homemade hair mask for damaged hair

I also add Olive oil in this, which contain vitamin E ,beneficial for your hair I have also add lemon juice which prevent dandruff and reduce production of excess oil from your scalp,Due to all these quality, this Homemade hair mask is the best hair mask,this hair mask makes your hair healthy, longer,also gives shiny and glossy look,use this hair mask twice in a month or once in a week,there is no side effect,So friend, this is my todays article.

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