87 Pcs Professional Tiktok Gel Nail Kit Set With Uv Light In Cheap Price
87 Pcs Professional Tiktok Gel Nail Kit Set With Uv Light In Cheap Price
87 Pcs Professional Tiktok Gel Nail Kit Set With Uv Light In Cheap Price
87 Pcs Professional Tiktok Gel Nail Kit Set With Uv Light In Cheap Price
87 Pcs Professional Tiktok Gel Nail Kit Set With Uv Light In Cheap Price
87 Pcs Professional Tiktok Gel Nail Kit Set With Uv Light In Cheap Price
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 87 Pcs Professional Tiktok Gel Nail Kit Set With Uv Light In Cheap Price
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 87 Pcs Professional Tiktok Gel Nail Kit Set With Uv Light In Cheap Price
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 87 Pcs Professional Tiktok Gel Nail Kit Set With Uv Light In Cheap Price
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 87 Pcs Professional Tiktok Gel Nail Kit Set With Uv Light In Cheap Price
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 87 Pcs Professional Tiktok Gel Nail Kit Set With Uv Light In Cheap Price

87 Pcs Professional Tiktok Gel Nail Kit Set With Uv Light In Cheap Price

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If you don't have any professional nail kit acrylic with everything, this gel professional nail kit will be an ideal must-have kit for beginners. The gel full set includes not only a primer and top coat, a selection of neutral uv gel polishes and UV lamps, but also a cuticle oil, nail file, cuticle oil and polish, and more.

professional manicure kit

This is a nail art set with multi-color gel polish, including gel nail polish in classic colors, base coat, top coat, high-power professional nail lamp, and various nail tools. things needed for nail art at home are all there, you don't need to go to the nail salon to spend a lot of time and money, you can create a variety of show off nail styles at home.

Nail art products and tools are made of 9 kinds of non-toxic formula, not only will not cause harm to the body but also last longer. Low odor, high shine, and free from harsh ingredients and adhesives that can damage nails. Includes classic shades in popular pastel solids. Gel polish cures under the right LED lights and can last over 3 weeks. This manicure set includes nail art tools and brushes. Various styles of nail brushes are more conducive to creating unique manicure styles.

This set of online nail art tools is a wonderful gift, if you are looking for birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas gifts, nail art kit machine will be a good choice.

This set of nail art with home tools has a 150W nail lamp and a 45-ball dual light source, which can save 70% of the curing time. It can not only dry quickly, but also make the nails have no dead ends. The innovative painless heating allows the nails to dry during the drying process. More comfortable. Can perfectly cure all kinds of UV/LED based gel products. Gel nail machine kit is equipped with smart automatic sensor and LCD touch screen, 4 durable and easy-to-use timer design, more convenient to use. Smart sensor design, automatic sensing Just put your hand in, and the light will automatically turn on for drying. Not only suitable for professional hairdressers, but also very suitable for personal use.


Has everything you need for a precise home manicure from start to finish. Reviewers say this is the most beginner-friendly professional nail drill machine kit, and this kit has everything you need to apply a gel polish at home. You can DIY your own christmas tree nails, all inspired nails. And every month you can choose six different colors of uv gel polish, We send it to you for free.

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Unlike traditional types of manicures, uv gel polish does not wait for the polish to dry naturally, but uses UV or LED lights to cure or harden the gel paint in seconds. Gel manicures last longer than regular nail polishes. Gel manicures aren't a luxury exclusive to salons - with this gel professional nail kit, you can get it done in the comfort of your own home, or even for a friend.

home nail kit

How to use professional acrylic nail kit with uv light and drill

Each professional acrylic nail kit with uv light and drill is different. Generally, you can get the best results by operating according to the instructions provided with the nail kit. There are many bloggers updated nails tiktok tips on TikTok that can also be referenced. Such like coco nail art, mia professional nail kit.

manicure and pedicure set

Use a nail cleaner or wipe your nails with an alcohol pad to remove natural oils and make sure there is no residue on your nails.

Primer and cure under nail art machine (about 30-60 seconds).

Apply two coats of nail gel in your preferred colour to the nails and cure on the Nail lamp. Finish with a top coat and cure again. If your nails feel a little sticky or sticky, wipe them with an alcohol pad.

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What to look for in nail kit professional set

The tools of the professional acrylic nail starter kit will help you get the best DIY gel manicure

LED or best gel nail lamp is a must for personal manicure as it is a must for curing polish.

Of course uv nail polish is essential, especially one with your favorite color. Some kits come in more than one color for versatility. We also love that a set includes a gel primer and top coat for the longest lasting DIY manicure.

Look for useful pro nail art kits like files, bumpers, cuticle pushers, cuticle pliers, nail brushes and even nail art accessories and tools, depending on what you have and need.

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How long do gel manicures last?

Gel nail polish can last up to a month, or until your nails grow back if you follow the tips of mia secret professional acrylic nail kit for beginners & students. "The longevity of a gel mani also depends on how mobile your hands are and how well you take care of them.

nail lamp kit

How To Use Tiktok Gel Nail Kit?

First, organize the tools used in the tiktok gel nail kit. This should include: nail clippers, cuticle clippers, primer, colored nail polish, top coat, and any other tools and accessories from the kit.

Repair your hands first, trim your nails to the length and shape you want.

Using the cuticle pusher, gently push off the cuticle around the nail cap. Then use cuticle forceps to remove the dead skin around the edges.

Apply a base coat on the nails to prevent them from being stained by nail polish. Also helps nail polish adhere better and last longer.

Choose the color of nail polish you like, apply one layer first, wait for the first layer to dry and then apply another layer.

After the second coat is dry, apply a top coat to make the nail polish more shiny.

Wait for the last coat to dry

gel nail lamp kit

at home nail kit

What is professional gel nail kit?

A professional gel nail kit should include everything you need for a professional gel nail service, including UV lamps, gel polish, top and base coats, and nail supplies. Usually includes brushes, files, and other tools in a variety of colors and finishes.

best manicure set

diy gel nail kit

TikTok nail kits are currently a trend to help customers create unique manicure looks. The nail kit tiktok kit includes a variety of nail tools, such as stickers, brushes, glitter and rhinestone nail polish, to help users create intricate designs.

gel nail set with lamp

The price of nail art kit online shopping

Regular manicures with polish typically cost between $15 and $35 each, and include simple pattern designs on the nails, such as stripes or dots, as well as more complex designs using multiple colors. tiktok nail artist will design different patterns for reference. So many kinds of nail designs and ideas can be found on TIKTOK.

It's important to note that each manicurist has their own definition of "nail standards". A nail salon's regular manicures include French manicures and French tips, while another nail salon's basic manicures will only cover the natural look of the nails.

Luxury manicures include detailed designs or elaborate designs as per the client's request, such as gemstones, rhinestones, nail ornaments, etc. Luxury manicure designs can cost between $30 and $45. Gel polish or faux nails might cost less, but with a nail art set kit, you'll be able to create any look you want.

Many people prefer acrylic nails because they are more durable than gel polishes, and acrylic nails are easier to maintain than gel nails. But gel nails are easier to remove and more cost-effective. Acrylic nails can cost up to $100 at a nail salon.

The cost of nail art kit is what we care about, although we are willing to pay for the quality, the price of ordinary nail art kits is not very expensive. Expect it to range from $30 to $120. The price depends on the number of pieces and the included tools and decorations.

Online nail art set A nail accessories set in this price range of $30 to $50 should include all the basics, such as some nail art design tool kits, pattern stickers, and nail drills.

With many more options in the $50 to $120 price range, nail art kits may include as many as a dozen tools, nail polish and nail art kits, beautiful stock boxes, and all the trimmings.

A professional nail art set may consist of as many as 200 pieces. Intuitive ideas might do better without a manual, and newbies need to be presented with several design ideas, with general tips and best practices. Nail makeover kit helps you realize all your nail art wishes and let you achieve your nail art freedom. A full nail art set must include the following accessories:

Nail tweezers: Essential for decorating small gems and other details on the nails. Fingers can't do it at all.

Matte Topcoat: A simple single topcoat is for adding shine and smoothness to the nails.

Nail Art Tools: Whether you're painting mountains or water on your nails, you need a brush that's small enough to get the right details. This is where the nail art tool kit set point tool comes in.

Fine Tip Brush: Another tool for nail painting. The brush's elongated profile helps draw fine lines and fine details. Any nail art kit worth mentioning includes a gel nail art brush set.

Glitter Polishing Wipes: Glitter Nail Polish Wipes are specially textured to wipe away grit in seconds. Easily remove unwanted patterns for you.

Nail art decoration set nail stickers: nail stickers have a variety of micro-adhesive designs, which can help you get beautiful nails in the least amount of time. Nail packs may last from one to three weeks, depending on quality and care.

Gemstones: Gemstones like rhinestones are a common nail decoration item that can add glamour to your manicure. Novice manicurists can go to tiktok nail art to find design inspiration, and a booklet with design ideas will be a useful helper.

Beads: Nail beads, also known as gold beads, are a great way to add texture to your nail art. Arrange the position of the beads to create shapes and gradient styles.


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