8 Ways For Curly Hair Care Step-By-Step Tutorial And Reviews 2023

We all know that flirty and sexy fashion curly hair adds femininity to every woman, however, curly hair care is not easy. below I have compiled the steps of taking care of hair, take a look!

curly hair care

Curl care steps:

The first is to use hot ironing when hot rolls, the potion should be good.

Hot curl is generally hot and cold hot , but I recommend using hot hot , and then in the process of hot, hot curl potion must be good, so do not go unfamiliar with the barber store for hot curl, or late you curly hair care good again, the hair is basically a bunch of dead grass.

Second, use hair care for wavy hair shampoo

In the category of shampoo are hair care for wavy hair special type, so you can use a special shampoo for curly hair when you wash your hair, this supermarket is available in the wash and care section , do not have to buy in the barber store .

Third, after washing hair with taking care of curly hair conditioner

After washing hair is basically taking care of curly hair conditioner will be used, this you in the process of doing curly hair, barbershop relatives will strongly recommend to you their home a variety of conditioner, must withstand the recommendation , is not to choose, you can pick in the supermarket , the price is also very suitable .

Fourth, the hair slightly dry use elastin

After the shampoo to clean the hair, do not have residue, must be clean, clean after the hair slightly dry on the use of elastin, the use of the process of hair to slightly curly, with the process of volume and pull is the best.

 Fifth, dry hair use essential oils

After the hair dry to use essential oils, this you can do hair care for curly hair use again, or use yourself. Do not need too much, the right amount can be.

Sixth, try not to use the hair dryer, except for the final styling

Curly hair is generally recommended that you use a hair dryer for curly hair blow styling, but if you use a hair dryer more then the hair will be very dry and rough, yellow. So try to reduce the use of hair dryers, except for the final styling.

Seventh, curly hair do not repeat multiple times to do, regularly cut the split ends

Curly hair do not do repeatedly, especially if the end of the hair fork more must be trimmed in time, otherwise the hair fork will be more and more, and easy to break. So reduce the number of times you do curly hair, split ends trimmed in time.

hair care for wavy hair

Hair care for curly hair--------How to take care of your hair after washing

Curly hair after washing, the first point that needs attention is to blow dry, because for curly hair, if not blow dry in time, it is likely to stick together, or no previous fluffiness, naturally, there is no beauty.

Hair care for curly hair need to pay attention to the second point is that we are in the process of blow-drying, naturally not simply blow-drying can be, but need to be paired with an electric curling iron for styling and cleaning.

The third point, if you have hair care products, remember to use some hair conditioner to help repair hair after washing, etc., because the perm is a certain damage to the hair, we need to take good care of.

The fourth point, when cleaning hair, we also need to pay attention to, try not to use extremely cold or namely hot water, because such water for the hair quality, but also has an impact.

The last point, that is, after the curly hair styling, remember to add styling water to keep the hair styling.

taking care of hair

What types of curly hair are there

1. Pear perm is a popular hair style, short and medium hair, hairstyle similar to pear shape, very popular among girls.

2. egg curl head" is in the end of the hair and heavy basis, adding many small and medium volumes, and neatly arranged, to create a similar sense of instant noodles hair or shaped the effect of the doll, generally yellow or maroon better.

3. big wave is a classic curly hair style, soft and ladylike, both light and airy hair contour, but also charming visual impact, suitable for all face shapes, so you become more feminine.

4.Ceramic iron shaped curly hair, the ripple is not neat and tidy, generally from the ear location to start playing the curl, the end of the hair looks a little messy beauty, feel very natural. This is the favorite hairstyle for lazy people, and you can go out if you comb it haphazardly.

5. Spiral hot hair type to its luxury gorgeous, noble atmosphere in the hair sector to take a place, but it is difficult to take care of. The spiral iron is actually a very retro feeling hairstyle, easily reminiscent of the old century princess hairstyle.

6. Corn perm is a newly popular international hairstyle technique, and it will be a good choice for office working women who have soft and less hair.

7.Barbie perm is used to fine hair volume, the effect after the perm is very much like Barbie's cute hairstyle, cartoon dynamic full, so this hairstyle called Barbie perm can be very apt.

8.Cold perm is a hair style that can be done at room temperature using the reaction of chemicals to complete the perm process. The common cold perm has tin foil perm, firework perm, flare perm, braid perm, positioning perm and so on.

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