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13 colors one time under hair dye sets
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13 colors one time under hair dye sets

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At present, many people are asking What is it called when you dye the underlying of your hair? You can search for under hair dye. Our 13-color under hair dye may be the ideal beauty and fashion product you have been looking for. There are 13 colors for you to choose and change your hair color freely to make you more dazzling . This  under hair dye can last for about 8-16 hours, after which the color will gradually fade, just wash it off with clean water.

tiktok hair dye

This hair dyed underneath allows you to easily complete beautiful hair coloring at home, using high quality water-soluble pigments, which can effectively penetrate deep into the hair, with more obvious coloring effect and brighter colors, and can change your hair style at will. under color hair dye is easy to follow, safe and reliable, without the expensive cost of offline salons, you can have many colors, allowing you to You can change your hair style according to your preference and style, and make your hair color more dynamic and colorful, and become more fashionable and elegant.

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Half dyed hair underneath is mainly used to enhance hair color and change hair color, using super high quality minerals to make hair healthier, shinier and more manageable. under dye provides rich colors, from deep mellow red to cool tone gray, to meet the needs of any hair color, so you can easily have blue under hair dye,purple under hair dye. Under dye is a low-temperature formula that will not damage your hair and will maintain your hair color for a long time. In addition, under layer dye has anti-UV function, which can effectively protect hair from UV damage and make hair healthier.

under hair dye

The versatile curly hair dyed underneath adjusts the color and texture of the hair in different ways with a special formula that changes the color of the hair without damaging the hair texture. The long-lasting dye, the color lasts for a long time after dyeing, allowing the hair to maintain a longer lasting vibrant effect. In addition, hair dyed underneath layer contains anti-dehydration ingredients that effectively keep moisture inside the hair, keeping it soft and silky, and at the same time, preventing damage to the hair. hair dye under hair is formulated with rich natural plant extracts that nourish the hair for a healthier, shinier look. Completely free of toxins, it is a safe and reliable hair dye that can be used coloured under hair with confidence.

How to use

Under full dry hair, pick out a thin strand of hair and use the color paste brush to brush the hair from top to bottom, several times, the more times you brush the more obvious the color until you are satisfied.

Use a hair dryer to dry the dyed hair with cold air, hard comb to make the hair more soft and natural, soft comb to brush off the excess color left on the hair

Use a comb to comb through the surface of the dyed hair to make it smoother, or use a straight clipboard to clip the hair to make the dyed hair smooth and natural.

Finally, usually use a styling hair spray on the dyed hair, the hair color will last longer!


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