Collection: Mikayla Nogueira Heavy Makeup Tools You Must Know

Researchers say heavy makeup looks 'unprofessional' — but women who wear 'light' makeup get more promotions than those who go fresh-faced

But whether it’s heavy makeup or light makeup, the most important thing is to match the right makeup on the right occasion.

Makeup tiktok generally uses more makeup to highlight facial features and its own characteristics, giving people a strong and ostentatious feeling. The darker colors are used, and more cosmetics are used, so that the cosmetics such as eye makeup, lip makeup, and blush are relatively rich, so as to achieve the desired effect.

Mikayla Nogueira a well-known makeup blogger on Tiktok, often shares some strange and eye-catching videos, using cosmetics to change facial features as a way to improve the appearance of the face. It can enhance the beauty of the face, help to eliminate blemishes, and can bring out the expression of the face. Makeup can also be used to change the shape of the face to make it look more perfect. It can help you change your face shape, change your facial features, and create the appearance you want.

Douyin makeup can highlight your facial features, make your face more three-dimensional, highlight your personality, make your temperament outstanding, make your eyes look more energetic, and make your face more radiant.

Beauty people are not born with excellence, but to their own responsibility, the most happy thing in life, than through efforts, everything into the way they want, in the best age, live the most beautiful youth!

Go ahead and start the day with your new makeup ~

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