Hey guys this is heart and welcome to my skincare routine these days .so i just came back from sourcing and i was there for about three months. and now that you know with the quarantine and you have so much time for yourself, i've discovered a routine that i feel is best for me.
  • Light Therapy Mask For Wrinkles

     Light Therapy Mask For Wrinkles

    NASA medical experiments have proven that under red light in the wavelength range of 633-660nm, collagen production is increased five times more than that produced by normal cell differentiation in the human body. Collagen can make the skin more elastic and also repair damaged cells. Therefore, the red light emitted by the LED mask can effectively improve skin roughness, fine lines, wrinkles and reduce acne inflammation, etc.

    Next we will mainly introduce the use and effect of this wrinkle light therapy mask.

  • Damaged Hair

    Can damaged hair be repaired、Can damaged hair be fixed?

    To repair damaged hair and restore it to a soft and shiny state, it is important to find out what the cause of the damage is, whether it is excessive perming or improper daily care.

    The first step is to choose a different care plan for different causes of damage

    For friends who are overly permed but not permed, the first thing is certainly not too frequent perming, if you must perm, first try not to dye too light color, and then pay attention to timely care after perming. You can use some hair care products for the repair after perming and dyeing

  • Scalp Care

    In real life, many people suffer from "scalp problems", such as extremely dry scalp, odor, hair loss, gray hair, itchy head and other problems, these "little things" in the eyes of everyone, often ignored. However, if not taken care of in time, it will become a major problem that affects the appearance.
  • Hair Care Products

    what is the best hair care products/what are the hair care products?

    Hair care cosmetics refer to daily chemicals that moisturize and brighten hair. The main varieties are: hair oil, hair wax, hair lotion, hair cream, hair brightener and so on.

    The main ingredient of hair is keratin, which contains a variety of amino acids and dozens of trace elements.

    If you are deficient in iron and protein, your hair will turn yellow and split ends.

    When lack of vegetable oil, vitamin A, protein and iodine, hair will become dry, dull and easy to break.

    Seborrheic dermatitis and hair loss can occur when vitamin B complex is deficient.

    The so-called good hair care products can easily solve your hair problems without damaging the hair quality. You can choose the corresponding hair care products according to your own hair quality.

  • Best Hair Dryer For Curly Hair

    Best Hair Dryer For Curly Hair
  • How To Take Care Of Curly Hair

    Tips to take care of curly hair: Hairstyle is to a certain extent the second face. For female friends, everyone wants to have smooth and beautiful ...
  • Best Hair Brush For Fine Hair

    Best Hair Brush For Fine Hair

    Before choosing a Hair Brush For Fine Hair, it is recommended to ask yourself a question: What are your requirements for a comb? What problem do you want to solve?

    Most people think that best brush for fine hair are roughly divided into two types: one is beauty, and the other is health.

    Are you still worried about your hairline? Or dislike your hair being dry, yellow and split, and want to have soft, shiny black hair? Don't worry, you can maintain it from now on.

    Let's introduce some best hair brush for fine hair

  • Best Automatic Hair Curler 2021

    Best Automatic Hair Curler 2021

  • Teach you how to use eyelashes

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  • Eyelashes material and eyelash lift analysis

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