Teach you how to use eyelashes

一、Stick on the whole eyelashes


  Bend the eyelashes several times to match the radians of the eyes.


  When the eyelash glue is half dry, fix the approximate position first, then adjust  the eye head and tail with tweezers, finally brush a layer of mascara, make true and false eyelashes stick together, avoid stratification. This method is most commonly used. It will be faster. But sometimes also easy to appear inside the corner of the eye open glue condition. Especially the bottom root of false eyelashes line is hard, there is a stinging eye corner phenomenon. Frequent blinking can cause false eyelashes to open. Not only to master the angle of paste, but also need a good texture of false eyelashes. When applying glue, generally wait for glue to be half dry before paste. And hold the two ends of the false eyelashes back together, so that the shape of the false eyelashes has formed the appropriate eye shape when the glue is half dry.

二、Section paste


  Cut the whole false eyelash into half. Paste in the root of the eyelash . Add a few short false eyelashes to the inner corner of the eye as needed. can be trimmed  with longer false eyelashes.


  Take the fake eyelashes and be sure to brush the mascara again, which looks thicker and more natural.

三、 Single Supplementary Paste

 Single paste is mainly to fill the effect. Apply the true eyelashes to the mascara, and then paste a few false eyelashes in the appropriate place. Then apply mascara again. You can apply glue to the back of your hand first, so it is convenient to dip glue every time.

四、Paste lower lashes

  When you paste your lower eyelashes, basically is the requirements of makeup to do so. For example, when smoking makeup, you can do so. If light makeup attention to the use of false eyelash root bottom line is the best transparent. When sticking eyelashes, cut the eyelashes into a few small pieces, paste in sections, pay attention to the joint to be tight, can not appear gaps.



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