How To Use Blackhead Extractor Vacuum

When using a electric blackhead remover to cleanse the skin, pay attention to using a wash and gear that is suitable for your skin. When exporting blackheads, you can first try a hot towel for a proper hot compress, which can better open the pores of the skin, and then use a blackhead export solution and gently apply it to your nose for about ten minutes. It is normal to feel tingling when exporting blackheads. Remove the cotton pad from the blackhead export solution, then use water to gently wet the nose part, use the nose patch on the nose, pay attention to start from the smooth side, starting from the middle of the nose, evenly to both sides. About ten minutes role, the nasal mask will be completely dry, and then from the position of both sides of the nose began to quickly tear off the nasal mask, can effectively get rid of the surface of the blackheads.

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At this time you can wash the blackheads, choose the right suction head, if the skin's blackhead problem is more serious, choose a slightly larger gear, to be able to better clean the skin. After opening, slowly move the electric blackhead remover on the skin can be cleaned, after cleaning must be astringent skin.

Electric blackhead remover is effective, it can remove blackheads and dirt on the nose, but after using the electric blackhead remover, you need to shrink the pores and skin care, if not for post skin care, the pores will become very rough. Generally the existing electric blackhead remover on the market, most of them are using the vacuum negative pressure method, in the energized state, using high-speed built-in mobile adsorption settings, negative pressure strong adsorption of pore dirt, blackheads, blackheads, acne, keratin, etc., but also to enhance the neck, forehead wrinkles, etc., tighten the skin, so that the skin becomes white and smooth. The general use of electric blackhead remover will also be used with some essence to quickly infuse into the inner skin and accelerate the dissolution of relevant essence ingredients during the vibration process. Before using the electric blackhead remover, you need to prepare some substances to open the pores of your own nose and let the blackheads gradually come to the surface. Then you can use the instrument for adsorption. After the adsorption, you also need to use some water cream for shrinking pores and apply it to your nose. This is a process that can actually be effective in avoiding the reappearance of blackheads. But the electric blackhead remover also has certain side effects, it may make the nose pores bigger, and after the nose pores become bigger, if not timely contraction, not only will not reduce the nose blackhead condition, and even a certain degree of aggravation.

The electric blackhead remover is usually not able to suck acne. If you want to get rid of acne, it is best to choose a safer way, you can use the laser, which can use the principle of high heat to stimulate the dermal tissue of the skin, which can effectively get rid of acne on the skin, while improving the skin dull yellow.

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When using the electric blackhead remover, do not stay in a certain location of the skin for too long, otherwise it will lead to some blood stasis and a red patch of skin. If you are using it for yourself, you can try it on your arm now and use it on your face after you are skilled.

 When using the electric blackhead remover, it is best to use it together with some essence, which can be better absorbed by the skin and play a good skin care effect.

 After using the electric blackhead remover, it must be disinfected because there may be blackheads, pimples and the like in the skin pores, which may be interspersed with breeding mites as well as bacteria, so they need to be cleaned.

If you have acne or wounds on your skin, it is best not to use electric blackhead remover to avoid causing secondary tearing of the wound, which is not conducive to skin healing.

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Best way to remove blackheads  at home:

1、Salt + milk to remove blackheads

Materials: salt (open with a small bottle separately), milk

Practice: 4-5 drops of milk to salt, salt is required to be in a semi-melted state, not completely melted particles can be brought out of the pores of the blackheads through massage, but pay attention to the strength, and time should not be too long, so as not to harm the skin, control within 1 minute, wash off with water.

Note: After using salt to blackheads, do not rush to wipe on skin care products, to wait until the skin re-secretion of protective natural oils, and then wipe skin care products.

2, pearl powder to blackheads

Materials: pearl powder (must be the best pearl powder can be taken), mineral water

Practice: first the right amount of pearl powder into a small dish, plus the right amount of mineral water, while stirring and pouring water, until the pearl powder blend into a paste body. Then you can smear on the face, gently massage until the pearl powder becomes dry, you can use water to wash off.

Note: can not be used every day, it is recommended that 2 times a week can be, adhere to a period of time can see the obvious results.

3, egg whites to blackheads

Material: cotton pad, egg white

Practice: the thinner the cotton pad the better, if the cotton pad is thicker, you can tear it apart. Then soak the cotton pad into the egg white, slightly drained can be directly on the count, wait 10-15 minutes, can be torn open, wash with water.

Note: No matter what the method is, before removing the blackheads, you should use a hot towel or steam your face to open the pores of your nose, which is conducive to removing the blackheads on your nose.


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