How To Take Care Of Curly Hair

Tips to take care of curly hair:

Hairstyle is to a certain extent the second face. For female friends, everyone wants to have smooth and beautiful hair.

what to put on hair after curling

How to maintain curls after curling

Hair is very fragile when wet, and wet hair is more prone to knotting. In order to prevent hair from tangling, you must straighten your hair before washing. It is recommended to comb your hair during the washing process. It is recommended to use a wide-toothed comb to comb your hair after applying conditioner.

When shampooing, the water temperature should be from high to low, and the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Too high temperature can easily cause scalp inflammation. After washing your hair and flushing it with water, lower the temperature slightly, this will make the cuticles more closed.

what to spray on hair after curling

How to get your hair to stay curled

When shampooing, you should not rub the shampoo directly on the hair. Instead, place the shampoo on the palm of your palm to create a rich foam, gently massage the hair with your fingertips, massage it for 5 minutes and then rinse it off to achieve clean And anti-dandruff effect.

Waiting for the hair to grow naturally is a very bad habit. When the hair is washed, the hair's scales are open, and if you open it, you think it is weaker. Some dust, bacteria, and dirt will take advantage of the vacancy. The hair quality may grow in the long run. Will be damaged.


 How to care curling hair

Stroke to dry the scalp (blowing the roots in the opposite direction)

The wind slowly dried the middle and ends of the hair

Wind slowly in a circular motion by hand

Apply the essential oil to the curled area, and finally disperse it

First of all, we must pay attention not to rush to wash your hair after ironing. This is very bad. It is recommended that you wash it three or four days as early as possible. Because perm hair takes a certain amount of time to set, and shampooing will make the scalp Do not comb your hair hard after being damaged and perm

how to take care of curling hair

what to spray on hair after curling

Inappropriate shampoo can damage the hair, and can cause dryness or breakage of the hair. We need to choose a shampoo with a lower alkalinity.

It is generally not recommended to drink hair conditioner for more than 10 minutes. If the time is too long, it will cause the conditioner to adhere to the hair, destroy the hair cuticle, cause hair discoloration, and even cause hair loss.

Bleaching and dyeing perm will cause some damage to the hair, try to avoid frequent perm and dyeing in the short term. For the hair part, make a hair mask regularly. If there is no heating condition at home, you can wrap a few more layers with a thick shower cap for 15-20 minutes each time.

how to get your hair to keep a curl

How to take care of curling hair

 Apply the essence to moisturize the hair, comb the hair smoothly with a comb, and then start blowing, starting from the root of the hair and blowing along the direction of the hair growth.

In the process of blowing the hair, the wind of the hair dryer is too high, the temperature is too high, and the attachment is too tight, which will damage the hair quality and make the hair fragile and breakable. Therefore, it is recommended that the blower gear be smaller, the temperature lower, and the distance farther away. Dry the hair to 80% and stop.

how to care curling hair

 How to get your hair to stay curled

 When going out in summer, choose a beautiful, refreshing and breathable sun hat, preferably made of grass, rattan and hemp. You can also put on a UV-proof umbrella to avoid direct exposure of your hair to the hot sun.

Hair is fragile, and strong ultraviolet rays can damage the scale cells in the outer layer of the hair, destroy the protein of the hair plum, and make the hair dry, dry, and even hair loss. Therefore, sun protection of the hair is also very necessary.

Of course, it is not enough to just use a sun hat and umbrella. You also need to apply a protective leave-in conditioner to your hair, and then comb it neatly with a comb so that each strand of hair can absorb the conditioner evenly. Add more to the ends of the hair to reduce split ends and breakage.

how to maintain curls after curling

how to get your hair to keep a curl

Scalp massage

Develop the habit of massaging the scalp to promote blood circulation and eliminate scalp fatigue

The scalp is connected to the skin of the face, and the scalp is healthy, and it can also improve the complexion of the entire face

Scalp exfoliation

The face needs to be exfoliated regularly, and of course the scalp is also needed. Reduce the growth of bacteria on the scalp to improve the scalp environment. Generally, it is recommended once every two weeks.

Reasonable diet

Trace elements such as protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins are necessary tissues to maintain the normal metabolism of the scalp and keep the scalp healthy. Excessive dieting and weight loss methods may cause hair loss.

 Also want to remind everyone that hair damage is irreversible, and the good habit of serious care should start from daily. Finally, I wish you all have beautiful and healthy hair!

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