Eyelashes material and eyelash lift analysis

  Eyelashes are the hairdressing articles for use that is very common now, the operation is proper make the eye lovely, so need more careful when using it.However, the different materials also make a difference in the look, feel and effect of these false lashes.

  Eyelashes are composed of hairs and stalks.Hair is the most direct part of the appearance, its material, length, curl, softness and so on are the important factors that determine whether the eye on false eyelashes can be fused with their own eyelashes, showing the natural and real eyelashes.

  That what kind of false eyelash is good, should choose what material qualitative, today we will talk about false eyelashes material qualitative those things. Come on. beautiful girl

  The most common materials of false eyelashes on the market now are genuine hair and man-made fibers magnetic eyelashes.

 1. Real hair types include  horse hair, eyelashes mink and even human hair and eyebrows.This kind of false eyelash is closer to the real eyelash of the person, can blend together with real eyelash very naturally, because contain a little grease, can contain a bit luster, when wearing, can achieve the effect that is false with true, also be one of the most natural.Among them, mink hair is the most soft, with warping degree, but the warping degree will decrease after meeting water, so the water resistance is poor.Horse hair, on the other hand, is a more rigid material, because of this, the softness will be slightly less.

  Suit crowd: because it is close to the eyelash of our own, so wear rise to be able to blend completely with real eyelash, almost cannot see to have wear false eyelash, it is the first choice of the person that pursues natural makeup sense, false without makeup.However, it should be noted that this kind of false eyelash process is complex and contains animal cells and molecules. People with sensitive eyes or allergies to animal hair should not choose it, as it can easily lead to eye inflammation.


  2.  Hand-made fiber is now the most commonly used material of false eyelashes, synthetic, woven, the tail is more sharp, hair is harder, in a box arranged in an orderly manner, the thickness, warps are relatively uniform.Because it is not natural hair, relative naturalness is also inferior to the real hair.If you want to achieve a natural effect, you should choose those with moderate softness and warped degree, which are close to your real lashes. For example, you should pay attention to the skills when wearing them, such as creating the characteristics of different lengths of real lashes, and the degree of thickening (don't just pursue long and dense).

  Suit crowd: Because it is arranged orderly, curvatures are uniform, so naturalness certainly is inferior to the false eyelash of the true hair kind with strewn at random send.But the burnish that it presents is natural and beautiful,if want to increase eyelash glossiness, it is preferred by those who highlight eye makeup. To choose softness moderate, wool length is not staggered, wear also can be very natural.When using, use eyelash to clip the warped degree of true eyelash to clip and false eyelash become warped degree is similar, can let false eyelash and true eyelash fuse together naturally.Hand-made fibers are highly adaptable, even for sensitive people.

  Now eyelash extensions is also very popular,next  will show you more information of eyelash extensions.


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