Best Ways To Repair Damaged Hair And Daily Care Guidance 2023

Can damaged hair be repaired、Can damaged hair be fixed?

To repair damaged hair and restore it to a soft and shiny state, it is important to find out what the cause of the damage is, whether it is excessive perming or improper daily care.

The first step is to choose a different care plan for different causes of damage

For friends who are overly permed but not permed, the first thing is certainly not too frequent perming, if you must perm, first try not to dye too light color, and then pay attention to timely care after perming. You can use some hair care products for the repair after perming and dyeing

For the damage caused by improper daily care, you need to pay attention to the correct use of hair care products, do not use too high a temperature hair dryer, do not use a comb that is prone to static electricity.

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Step 2 Correct washing and conditioning

Don't use too high temperature water to wash your hair

Have hair loss trouble or hair too oily trouble friends, especially short hair, do not directly shampoo contact scalp in the scalp rubbing foam, try not to use products containing silicone oil.

Conditioner or to use, because the hair has been damaged, shampoo can only play a role in cleaning, need conditioner for repair, and pay attention to the conditioner do not touch the scalp, the time spent on the hair to 2-3 minutes, specific reference instructions. Many people use conditioner stop less than a minute to wash off, so it is not the best effect.

After shampooing do not take the towel to rub the hair vigorously, to squeeze and press the way the towel to absorb the moisture in the hair.

The temperature of the hair dryer should not be too high, blowing hair to eight or nine points dry can be.

Step 3 Daily maintenance

After blowing all the hair can use some hair care oil, in the choice of hair care oil, try not to choose the spray after a greasy feeling. Hair care oil is also best not to touch the scalp, sprayed in the location of the tips of the hair can be a little more.

When combing the hair can not be combed hard over and over again, this will lead to hair even if it is unclogged will be very frizzy, with hands to unwind the poorly entwined hair.

Pay attention to sun protection in the summer time.

Can damaged hair grow、can damaged hair still grow

Damaged hair follicles do not grow back hair. Medically, damaged hair follicles may be caused by malnutrition or external forces or a decrease in autoimmune system, so patients may have symptoms such as hair loss or baldness. This is because hair growth is mainly promoted by nutrients absorbed from the body by the hair follicles. The epithelial cells of the hair follicle tissue also divide or multiply, etc.

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How damaged hair looks like、what's damaged hair

Hair Structure

Hair scales: The outermost layer of the hair. Healthy hair cuticles are intact and well-fitted, so the hair surface is soft and shiny. If the scalp is buckled, broken or even missing, the rough surface reflects the light diffusely and the hair is naturally frizzy.

Hair cortex: The layer below the hair scales, which is the most abundant part of the hair, is also the most important part to determine the color and straightness of the hair.

Hair medulla: It is located in the innermost layer of the hair, and it has very little influence on the characteristics of the hair.

Hair damage is divided into four main categories.

Mildly damaged hair: The main reason is that the hydrophobic protective layer is damaged, resulting in a corresponding loss of hair moisture, and the hair is naturally dull and frizzy.

Moderately damaged hair: The reason is that the hair scales are damaged and fall off, the hair epidermis has holes, and the hair nutrition is lacking. Long-term without effective care, the hair will be dry, knotted, not easy to comb.

Severe damaged hair: The reason is that both the hair epidermis and cortical layer are damaged, mainly manifested as easy to break and split. When the hair is damaged and prone to breakage and split ends, you will have to cut the split ends because even if you use a good shampoo, you will not be able to get back the split ends.

Dyeing and perming hair: the main reason is that the hair scales are damaged, unable to lock the pigment molecules, easy to fade, the most obvious manifestation of which is then color loss.

Perhaps you tend to choose to go to the barber store to do straightening and smoothing treatment in order to change the status quo, but in contrast how to improve the problem of dry frizz is the root.

The problem of dryness and frizz depends largely on the health of the hair scales.

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What causes damaged hair

Several major behaviors that affect dry and frizzy hair.

Hair multiple degrees of dyeing and perming

Hair after dyeing and perming, prompting the hair scale disorder, the hair will be very sensitive, serious cases will make the hair scale defective stripping, and eventually cause dry hair, feel and gloss loss.

Strong ultraviolet radiation

Strong ultraviolet rays in summer will damage the hair scales in the hair, and prolonged exposure to the sun will also cause the loss of water in the hair, resulting in dryness and frizz.

 Abnormal heating

Regular use of heating tools such as straightening clips and hair dryers evaporate the moisture originally locked in the hair, which will also eventually lead to dry, dull hair.

How repair damaged hair without cutting it、can damaged hair be repaired without cutting

 It is recommended to pay attention to the maintenance of the head, do not go to the frequent use of those products, perm water (cold perm essence) and most of the hair dye contains certain chemical substances have adverse effects on the quality of hair damage, such as frequent use can make the hair dry and lusterless, hair "hair" is not smooth, tangled easy to knot, fragile and easy to break, the degree of damage with the hairdressing .

 Therefore, it is recommended not to perm or color your hair, or at least increase the interval time and reduce the number of times of hairdressing. To choose the right shampoo for your own hair, commercially available pure Chinese medicine nano East is good, wash the right amount of shampoo poured into the palm of your hand with water and rub lightly, foam before contacting the scalp and hair. Don't rub your hair too hard when you touch it with your hands, because wet hair is fragile and vulnerable to damage.

If you can shampoo your hair in a natural downward posture, it is better, and after washing, generally add conditioner and, if necessary, moisturizer.

Can damaged hair cause hair loss

Damaged hair cant cause hair loss, but if scalp damage is serious, it can cause hair loss, so when there is a scalp problem, you must treat it early to effectively avoid hair loss, you can give your scalp a massage every day. Massage scalp can promote blood circulation, can also prevent hair loss, in life to pay attention to maintain a good sleep and rest time, but also pay attention to the physical and mental pleasure, to eat more high protein and trace element-rich food, so that there is also help hair growth and hair health.

Is it best to cut off damaged hair/is it better to cut damaged hair

Especially young women will often perm hair dyeing, so it is easy to damage the hair quality, perm hair dyeing can be, but not too often, and then every day after the shower with hair conditioner, but if the damage is more serious, it is better to cut.

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Hair frizz diet attention

Eat less sugar and fatty foods: high sugar foods such as desserts and candies, and high fat foods such as fried and fatty meats are best eaten sparingly, which will accelerate the consumption of water in the body and aggravate the hair frizz.

Supplement some protein: protein hair composition of the main substances, can promote the growth of hair, and maintain a healthy state of hair.

Supplement vitamin A, B: such as oranges, egg yolk, fish, walnuts, sesame, dates, carrots, peppers, spinach, etc., can provide nutrition for hair, nourishing hair.


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