Blackhead remover vacuum

What is blackhead remover vacuum


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The blackhead remover uses a powerful vacuum negative pressure to suck out the blackheads, which is similar to the cleaning method of a vacuum cleaner, and uses the internal vacuum suction to physically suck out the blackheads.


Are blackhead remover vacuum safe/Are blackhead remover vacuums good for your skin?

Although the current blackhead adsorption instruments have different degrees of adsorption strength, the blackhead adsorption instruments mainly rely on strong adsorption capacity to adsorb deep blackheads. Many manufacturers now say that we are using micro-vibration technology and will not loosen the skin when sucking blackheads. In fact, this statement is wrong. Excessive use of blackhead suction equipment will loosen the skin and leave fine lines on the face.

Compared with other methods of tearing and removing blackheads on the market, the blackhead remover is more gentle and effective, and will not involve the pores and damage the skin. This is the benefit of using the blackhead remover.

blackhead remover vacuum

How to use blackhead remover vacuum /How does a blackhead remover vacuum work?

The functions of the blackhead shovel are all the same, using ultrasound to increase the frequency of vibration to shake out the dirt in the deep pores, thus achieving a cleaning effect. At the same time as the cleaning function, the blue light is turned on, so you can see the dirt on the pores more clearly and clean up more cleanly.

When to use blackhead remover vacuum?

Under normal circumstances, the blackhead meter will be equipped with export essence and shrink essence, etc.Using the export essence before use will expand the pores and make it easier to suck out all the blackheads. After cleaning, using the shrink essence can shrink the pores and prevent the pores from being enlarged and entering dust. , It can remove blackheads in time to achieve the effect of beauty. It is enough to remove blackheads 1-2 times a month.

blackhead remover vacuum tool

Blackhead remover vacuum VS mask VS tool

Although today's blackhead absorbing equipment has different levels of suction, the key to blackhead absorbing equipment is its strong suction ability to suck out the hidden blackheads. And now many manufacturers want to say that we use the technology of microseism. It is not easy to make the skin looser and looser during the whole process of sucking blackheads. In fact, the term is not correct. Too much use of blackheads sucking equipment will make the skin looser and looser and cause facial wrinkles. situation.

Blackheads appear repeatedly. Our overall goal of applying blackheads removal equipment is to expect that facial blackheads will appear less frequently, but after applying blackhead removal equipment, the skin pores will become larger and larger than before. It is what my friends want to use to tighten the pores, but no product can completely tighten the skin pores. This will give the residue in the air the opportunity to enter the skin pores. When the blackhead suction device is used frequently, blackheads will appear repeatedly, which is indeed the answer to the ancient poem: wildfire burns endlessly, and blackheads occur again.

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Imbalance of water and oil. The blackhead suction device will absorb too much vegetable oil in the skin during the whole process of removing blackheads. When the vegetable oil in the skin is absorbed too much, the upgrade rate of the skin cannot keep up with the needs of the skin, according to everything about the skin With normal moisture, there will be an imbalance of water and oil on the facial skin. When the water and oil on the face are not balanced, it will make all normal skin dry and dry, and it will look like a river field with little water, so you can't come out to see people.

The skin becomes more sensitive. As for a relatively normal skin, the use of blackheads removal equipment will not only absorb the blackheads in the skin, but also continue to absorb the thin cuticles in the skin. When the stratum corneum of the skin becomes thin and soft, the guarantee layer of the skin is damaged. Over time, it becomes thinner and thinner, and it is very easy to produce sensitive skin. Those with sensitive skin will have serious skin allergies after application, and it is not easy to repair.

Part of the purple-red condition appears. The basic principle of removing blackheads of the blackhead suction device is to use its adsorption force. The application is like cupping. Generally, we understand that cupping will have a purple-red circle. The blackhead suction device will suck the skin into the hole like the blackhead device. When the symmetrical fitness exercise is not possible, the skin will be firmly sucked up, and part of the purple-red condition will appear. With this kind of condition on the face, even if you have a strong heart, you can't go out.

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What should I do if blackheads appear?

  1. It is easier to remove blackheads at once, but they will reappear after they are removed. Therefore, it is necessary to clean with high-quality antibacterial facial cleanser and use skin care products that control oil secretion every day.
  2. The method of squeezing the blackheads by hand is generally not recommended. It is easy to be infected, causing scars and making the pores bigger and bigger.
  3. The principle of blackhead removal liquid and nasal sticking to remove blackheads is the same. The blackheads are removed through the action of glue. It is better for big and hard blackheads. Although there are many large pores left when the blackheads are first formed, they generally do not harm the skin. But the little blackheads are often unable to get out. Can not reduce the generation of blackheads.
  4. Blackheads are often a manifestation of acne. If there are many blackheads and acne, it is necessary to deal with acne according to the method.
  5. If you clean with a bacteriostatic facial cleanser every day, but there are still many blackheads on your face, it means that your facial cleanser is not clean enough. You should change to a mild and good cleanser. We recommend that you can use Beauvais Pharmacist to work with facial cleanser to remove such blackheads.
  6. Use warm water to clean the face with amino acid facial cleanser to make it easier to remove blackheads. But do not wash your face with hot water on the skin with "red blood".
  7.  At the same time of cleaning, use or other products that control oil and correct abnormal keratinization of hair follicles to treat the symptoms and the root causes.

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