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Many women stay up late and work hard for a long time, making the facial skin dull and unsmooth, but maintenance takes a lot of time. The electric facial massager is a skin care tool that some women will use to save time and easy to operate, and is loved by many people. A part of the friends are not quite understand the advantages of electric facial massager, the next for you to introduce.

Electric facial massage instrument working principle

The flaccidity of the facial muscles is due to the fact that the facial muscles are not well exercised. It is not enough to rely on the usual chewing exercise when eating. The most important thing is to let the muscles get enough exercise. The key to the electric face massager is the massage to promote metabolism, burn subcutaneous fat, and improve the sagging of the face.

The reason for a sagging face is underdeveloped expression muscles. It is very important to tighten the expression muscles and to make the face elastic, the prerequisite is to eliminate the stiff muscles of the face. The use of electric face massager can make this problem can be well improved.

The principle of the beauty facial massager is to get enough muscle movement. The key to massage is to promote metabolism and burn subcutaneous fat. Thus, the purpose of improving the sagging of the face. What is the most important thing? Place the facial elastic massage wheel into both sides of the face.

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Electric face massager - How to use electric face massager

1、Put the facial elastic massage wheel into both sides of the face and massage both cheeks comfortably with one hand.

2、Gently hold the handle part and roll the wheel from the chin to both cheeks, press upward pushing with a little force to make a squeezing sensation.

3, when pulling upward to hold the handle with a little force, gently hold the letter handle part, from the jaw all the way to the cheeks massage once to about 10 minutes is appropriate.

After cleansing clean skin state operation, massage the face at the same time, massage the neck. Massage the key areas, can be good to promote fat metabolism, improve the sagging state of the face. Can effectively promote blood flow (blood flow), play a massage lymphatic role; can play a role in promoting metabolism, improve facial puffiness, contraction of underdeveloped expression muscle (the cause of facial sagging).

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Is daliy face massage good for skin??how often should you use a facial massager?

Daily use of electric face massage instrument will promote the blood circulation of the face, but also can increase the elasticity of the skin. Massage face instrument belongs to the more common way to maintain the skin, mainly through face massage to treat, for various factors caused by dry skin and sagging skin have a good effect, in the massage to control the time, each time in 5 minutes to 15 minutes or so is better. During the use of electric face massage instrument is best with pure plant skin care products to do the application, can quickly nourish the skin, so that the skin becomes more hydrated.

Be sure to stop in moderation and never do more than that. With more will make the skin thinner, moisture evaporation faster, the skin will be sensitive, will also produce certain wrinkles and sagging phenomenon. It is best to stop in moderation, face thinning but get bad skin, the loss is not worth it.

Can i use an electric facial massager on my face?

Do not use on the following areas: cuts, plastic surgery areas, pus-inflamed skin areas, itchy and red areas, eyelids, neck thyroid, etc.

Do not use for people undergoing treatment, people with skin diseases, people with fever, people with high blood pressure, people with acute diseases, people with tuberculosis, and people with capillary dilation.

Pregnant, menstruating and lactating people are not recommended to use beauty electronic devices.

Use with caution during dental treatment, during orthodontic treatment, after filling, those with fillings in the mouth avoid using, when the stimulation is too strong, please turn down the gear and adjust the site to use.

Please consult your physician before use after medical aesthetic procedures such as hydroluminescence, thread sculpting and photorejuvenation.

Allergic body, skin sensitive and fragile people, and those who are allergic to metal materials should use with caution.

Do facial massagers really work?

Electric face massager is really useful, is a simple slimming face products, can burn subcutaneous fat and promote blood circulation, can improve skin laxity, enhance the brightness of the skin tone, before using the face massager must clean the face. Each time you use the facial massager you should control the time, not too long and not too short.

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Do i need to buy facial massager?

If you want to do face cleaning, blackhead removal, face lifting, skin rejuvenation and firming for the common pores, dull complexion, oil and acne, sagging skin, makeup removal and other problems, it is necessary to buy a professional face massage instrument, these are not dealt with by washing the face.


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